The false and foolish dream of youth:The disguise, the act, the drama, the stage,
So beautiful,

So powerful,

So bright and full of miracles– 
They said– 

To be yourself

To be free

To be dreamy and be a better me…
The little getaway

Into the the adventures in the wonderland,

The dark hole of false hope

The dream is coming to an end,

The reality began.
The casted spells

The illusions shown

The untold truths 

The realised costs.
— is finally coming to an end.

Written on 17 April 2016.




setting sun, burning dreams, fading youth, passing time:

the golden moment of life becomes prime;

dying light, dimming beam, vanishing dawn, moving tides:

a resurrection of the childish roller coaster ride.
glittering, glittering, glittering stars in the sea

only with a child’s eye which shall be seen.

Written on 3 May 2015

To the glittering fairies in deep beneath.


the sunset at the college
always reminds me of the
happy carefree days

when we are all nineteen
and here we met
we play and craze
and skipped the lessons
we talk of the dreams
we think nonsense
we feel youth

the sunset
the sunset!

always perfectly warm and bright beam
disguising as an eternal moment.



Written on 25 November 2014
At HKBU, during the sunset


a return
from the hell of fire
from the heart of darkness
from the cave of silence
from the sea of despair

a place with hope and light
sometimes a heavy shower
or maybe a sip of breeze
or with the burning sun
and always twenty one

for decades or so
it is always twenty one
the mercy the play the craze the youth the fun

stupidity and innocence
where we believe we are old enough for choices and chances
shameless and fearless

a place of memory
a spot in the memory
a return

that can never ever return


Written on 25 November 2014
At HKBU — a place of memory after 3 years of studying


for all the screams and pains and tears
that are leaking out
from my secret hide-out:

the silent scream
the dark out beam
and the melted ice-cream
in the childhood dream

creeping from the still air
emerging from the iced wter

say good bye
and farewell
for those are what to be sacrificed
in a life in the hell


Written on 24 September 2014.




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To be or not to be
That is the question
All that we yell or request or want
Is but the dream to be free

Some are far too childish
And some are bit too coward
But we are not rubbish
For you to bully and push us forward

Our city is dead
And the news is to be spread
Democracy is dead
And the news is left unread

Save us
Save our city
Save our democracy
Save our Hong Kong

Which is killed and buried and sad

Written on 28 September
When history repeats itself
When Tiananmen massacre re-happens