A miserable night,
Tears amid solitude,

Silence of the heart,

Unheard scream stuck at the bottom of the throat,

Broken dreams

Too fragile kept,

Fragments too sharp to be collected

Left ignored

Reduced to ashes…

Written on 12 September.




The fading boundaryBetween my two realities 

Lies the the edge of my sleep

On the stitches of the sleeves:
I stood on the steepest tip 

Of the antique clock

On the wall 

It said nine but it is pronounced seven
Early in the morning 

With the murmuring 

Of my brother and father

And the buzzing sound from the worn out radio,

Waking me up but it is not time yet 

Give me more rest before you regret 


Written on 12 March 2016

From the two realities



Smiling face on the upper deck
Teasing at the race of rats
Women with wrinkles and folds in the hands
Ignorant child loses mind in shipwreck
Wandering young man knows nothing ahead
Here it goes:
Smiling face on the upper deck
Of the best bed in world
The Eden the common the underworld’s summon;
The smiley face of Luna disguise
In the mask of clouds on the upper deck.

Written on 24 January 2015
An observation on the moon