A miserable night,
Tears amid solitude,

Silence of the heart,

Unheard scream stuck at the bottom of the throat,

Broken dreams

Too fragile kept,

Fragments too sharp to be collected

Left ignored

Reduced to ashes…

Written on 12 September.



Processed with VSCOcam

breeze amid the stagnant air
blowing through the floating hair
lightly slip by the ringing ear


for life is too soon to be captured
too fast to hold
and too heavy to bear

when the days and nights are filled with nothing
but sheer despair.



Written on 21 Oct 2014.




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Wrinkles on the pretty mirror:
Who knows — about the underlying horror?

closed chamber
dimmed cigar
faded star
unhealed scar

The mirror of water
with its image hovers
and repeated over
and over
Yet covered
by the most pretty bloody flower…

Written on 18 September 2013.


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