Every encounter
Is a difficult and hard decision
Too tired to choose
To stay or to go.
Thousands of doors on the road 

And there ought to be
To go first.

The impact, the impact
That caused by every encounter
Is too big
That nothing is going to be the same 
As before.

Every encounter.

Written on 3 October 2015.



How many people we meet in our life,
and how many leave their marks in it?
You may, perhaps,
call it as “fate”
which we could never change it a bit.

Parallel lines,
Intersecting points,
Overlapping time —

Who knows what is ahead?

Move on,
there is no way to return.

Flash —
moment never waits,
time never pauses,
and, thus, wake up.

Beauty would not last,
Words would be washed off,
Meanings lose,
Feelings fade,
Nothing can last
like a moment of flashback.

Written on 21 August 2013
A poem dedicated to the very interesting people whom I have met in my life —
And there will of course be more of them.


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