The false and foolish dream of youth:The disguise, the act, the drama, the stage,
So beautiful,

So powerful,

So bright and full of miracles– 
They said– 

To be yourself

To be free

To be dreamy and be a better me…
The little getaway

Into the the adventures in the wonderland,

The dark hole of false hope

The dream is coming to an end,

The reality began.
The casted spells

The illusions shown

The untold truths 

The realised costs.
— is finally coming to an end.

Written on 17 April 2016.



The fading boundaryBetween my two realities 

Lies the the edge of my sleep

On the stitches of the sleeves:
I stood on the steepest tip 

Of the antique clock

On the wall 

It said nine but it is pronounced seven
Early in the morning 

With the murmuring 

Of my brother and father

And the buzzing sound from the worn out radio,

Waking me up but it is not time yet 

Give me more rest before you regret 


Written on 12 March 2016

From the two realities



The age never forgives anyone;
The age have never ever forgotten any single one
She keeps her preys in her sight in the hunt:
Those Dancing on her face,
Yawning in her wrinkles,
Cheering inside her eyes,
Crying from her ears–

In time, in time
You gained and you lost
But what is lost is always more than that is gained
Only is time robbing everything that held in the helpless arms
And leaving there none
But who dares to get them back?

Written on 3 December 2014



Red trees standing side by side
Red leaves falling by and by
Waves of people and crowds of trend
Flooded the woods with trash and sand
Snaps and Polaroid and iPhones and chit-chat
Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram and snap chat
When the civilisation of human is murdered
By propaganda and social media

Wonder of nature
Wonder of technology
Wonder of world
Wondering if someone else feel the same as mine
If there is an end

Written on 3 & 24 January 2015
A fragment of winter