A miserable night,
Tears amid solitude,

Silence of the heart,

Unheard scream stuck at the bottom of the throat,

Broken dreams

Too fragile kept,

Fragments too sharp to be collected

Left ignored

Reduced to ashes…

Written on 12 September.




Red trees standing side by side
Red leaves falling by and by
Waves of people and crowds of trend
Flooded the woods with trash and sand
Snaps and Polaroid and iPhones and chit-chat
Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram and snap chat
When the civilisation of human is murdered
By propaganda and social media

Wonder of nature
Wonder of technology
Wonder of world
Wondering if someone else feel the same as mine
If there is an end

Written on 3 & 24 January 2015
A fragment of winter



Growing up together
Is not like happily ever after.
From madness and shouting and jealous and tears
Through craziness and doubts and mind gone insecure
To laughters and cries and memory that slaughters:
Life without you is like a world out of rules,
The past is the fragment that find us fools.

Written on 24 January 2015
A revisit to the past — the high school age