Every encounter
Is a difficult and hard decision
Too tired to choose
To stay or to go.
Thousands of doors on the road 

And there ought to be
To go first.

The impact, the impact
That caused by every encounter
Is too big
That nothing is going to be the same 
As before.

Every encounter.

Written on 3 October 2015.




The age never forgives anyone;
The age have never ever forgotten any single one
She keeps her preys in her sight in the hunt:
Those Dancing on her face,
Yawning in her wrinkles,
Cheering inside her eyes,
Crying from her ears–

In time, in time
You gained and you lost
But what is lost is always more than that is gained
Only is time robbing everything that held in the helpless arms
And leaving there none
But who dares to get them back?

Written on 3 December 2014