A miserable night,
Tears amid solitude,

Silence of the heart,

Unheard scream stuck at the bottom of the throat,

Broken dreams

Too fragile kept,

Fragments too sharp to be collected

Left ignored

Reduced to ashes…

Written on 12 September.



Release my soul,
While murder most foul;
My blood has spilled
on the wall, dark and dull:

“Yet each man kills the thing he loves”
My death is nothing but
But the motif of i am beloved.

Release my mind
and keep me blind,
Leave me alone in the paradise
dark and dull.

Written on 13 January 2015
on linkedin group “Poetry and Literature”: A Poetry game


every day and night
is hopelessly filled with flight
and nightmare silent air whitening hair dropping tears
contribute to the darkness in the room of despair that cannot bear

but who does care
for who is sewing every single thread
onto the cloth of bloody red
and what is not fair left unfair



Written on 28 October 2014



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naughty little rain drops
falling, popping like an army of frogs
quick and secret and feared and stuck
in the absence of hope and luck

tears of the midnight sky
mourning for the little bird that could not fly
feeling lost and confused and lonely and sad
the magic spell is left unsaid.



Written on 15 October 2014.




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lovely little birds from the north
pick up the messy lines of nerves
in the woods inside the skull
the thicker one is picked by a gull
and the thinner ones by crows
all but one of the warblers stayed and the room is stuffed full

crumpled nerves make a nest in the head

the last warbler go with the robin into the woods
here they fly

to the edge of sanity
to the border in front of melancholy

and they stopped
and they stopped

on the fragile branch of a tree
emptied wholly.



Written on 28 October 2014.



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breeze amid the stagnant air
blowing through the floating hair
lightly slip by the ringing ear


for life is too soon to be captured
too fast to hold
and too heavy to bear

when the days and nights are filled with nothing
but sheer despair.



Written on 21 Oct 2014.




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for all the screams and pains and tears
that are leaking out
from my secret hide-out:

the silent scream
the dark out beam
and the melted ice-cream
in the childhood dream

creeping from the still air
emerging from the iced wter

say good bye
and farewell
for those are what to be sacrificed
in a life in the hell


Written on 24 September 2014.




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