Every encounter
Is a difficult and hard decision
Too tired to choose
To stay or to go.
Thousands of doors on the road 

And there ought to be
To go first.

The impact, the impact
That caused by every encounter
Is too big
That nothing is going to be the same 
As before.

Every encounter.

Written on 3 October 2015.




for each 


that cut

from my hair

deducts the value

of me

to be here:

a man in the history 

a page of the story 

a line in my poetry

a second in a century

that counts for nothing

but a dream to be buried.

Written on 19 June 2015.



everything comes to an end:

the scent, the smoke, the sorrow and the soup;

the lives, the leddar, the laughter and the love;

the moments that clashed together 

changing the paths forever

do all have their ends.
so it stayed 

and it goes

and the magic ends

and the veil left

leaving the hollows that follow 

mocking the fellow a forever deferral of tomorrow.

Written on 16 June 2015

To one of the favourite place in the neighbourhood: siu chau wong



setting sun, burning dreams, fading youth, passing time:

the golden moment of life becomes prime;

dying light, dimming beam, vanishing dawn, moving tides:

a resurrection of the childish roller coaster ride.
glittering, glittering, glittering stars in the sea

only with a child’s eye which shall be seen.

Written on 3 May 2015

To the glittering fairies in deep beneath.



Life is unfair

Life is never fair

Never is it has been declared

Hard work

Great effort

Time wasted

The young grown old

The world has never been fair

Whether or not are we aware

Written on 12 feb 2015