Because of love we were together.Because of love I let you go.
Growing up together is not an easy thing.

Perhaps those faults, those decisions, the mistakes, the diverted fates have brought them too far. 
A dream — a dream so far to achieve. When you wish strong enough somehow it could come true. But if you choose to hold on one thing, you have to give up the other. Life is never fair to everything you want to hold onto. She got the chances and he got his too.
Perhaps not many people can enjoy a perfect life with everything desired. 

But the flash, the glance of joy, the very hint of hope, that overwhelming feeling is nothing to be replaced. Tide of time, breeze of the destined future, glitter of the stars in the virtual sky without ceiling — that feeling will last until the end of the path. 
And she sighs. 

The dance in her dream has never seemed so true: the touch of the hands, kisses at the lips, sights in the eyes — how much she wished to have become true throughout all those years of solitary. If time could have been kinder to them.. only if time could have left them alone, one year, or two, or twenty and thirty, it could have been a better story, to both. 
But there is no way to go back. It is just too late to go back. Perhaps their lives are not made for each other; Perhaps it’s just one of the dreams, one of the plot, one of the climaxes in the life long movie.
Somehow, she thought, somehow fate has done it for good. That is the most beautiful piece, the best craft, the most splendid diamond, the brightest star in the whole universe of their own. No one to bother, nothing to care, it was the best story in their lives.


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