hello my dear friends
up in the sky,
have you known
what have been happening to our very tiny world?

my world has changed
from a semi-paradise,
a not-very-perfect utopia
into purgatory,
to hell:

the missing flight,
the shipwreck,
the tragic planes,
the crashed trains,
the burning buses,
the cracked roads,
the exploding city,
the killing virus,
the fatal wars,
and all that done by my selfishly self-centered human-fellows.

if i am to wish upon a star,
i pray,
for the peace of the world,
for the happiness of my fellow,
for love,
for respect,
for a better world,
all the very best.

Written on 2 August 2014,
to the people of the world, in memoir of
the missing MH370
the shipwreck in korea
the MH17, AH5017, GE222
the burning buses and crashed trains in china,
the taiwan gas blast,
the murderer ebola in africa, and
all the wars.




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All rights reserved –

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