Am I thinking too much?
Maybe, or should be;
I am told that
“Maybe you are thinking too much sometimes?”
   “Oh, am I?”


I cannot get out of the thinking-sea,
I enjoy —
I hate, but I like.

Yet how much does “too much” stand for?
I do not know.
Perhaps I will know some day:
When the wall collapse,
When the bones fall,
When the heart is pressed and squeezed and burst,
By the heavy thinking burden.

This is how a poet is like.

On wind, the freezing wind.
Wandering around,
Blowing around.

I am here, in the wind,
Chilling my fingers,
Freezing my nerves,
I am in the wind,
In the wind of thoughts and feelings and everything else.

On the tide, the wavy tide.
Swimming back and forth,
Shivering hard.

I am drowned in the tide,
It squeezes my mind,
Wrinkled my skin,
Blind my sight.


Written on 13 November 2013, at the seaside near my home.



© Copyright
All rights reserved –



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