I hear the moan of the gentle wind,
I hear the heartbeat of the falling leaf,
I hear the breath of the dead air,
I hear the weep of the stagnant water,
I hear the dance of the naughty raindrops,
I hear the cry of the stormy tide,
I hear the song of the butter-fly,
I hear them all —
The sound of silence.

But I am locked here,
Scream, cry, fear, screech,
What should be heard left unheard,
What should be said stay untold.


I am locked,
In the darkness of the night,
In the shade of the dawn.

Written on 17-18 October 2013,
Inside the bathroom in my flat.

I got locked inside the bathroom at 2am, for 6 hours I stayed inside,
And my Dad pacing nervously on the other side of the door.
It is the first time I slept inside the bathroom,
No smartphone, no iPad, no laptop, yet
I did not feel scared after all,
It is indeed a memorable funny experience —
Writing a poem inside a toilet.


© Copyright
All rights reserved – portraitofem.wordpress.com

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