I am drowning in this shallow little pond,
Where dead leaves float upon,
Where The Frog King sleep beneath,
Here I am, drown.

The fatal little pond,
Where the dead souls mourn,
Where my heart is buried,
Here I am drown.

Snow-white and Rose-red,
The Dead Girl stands
On the loose sand,
The harder she steps,
The faster she falls,
She wants to go, I know,
But she could not — never.

The Cruel little pond,
Locked here the poor young lady,
Water coming down the rose-red cheek,
Nothing can be done,

But Wait:
Waiting for a change,
Waiting for a ray from the stars,
Waiting for the lasting sleep.

Here it is,
The shallow little pond,
Washed wisdom,
Wiped humour,
Cleaned knowledge,


Dear shallow little pond,
How many else will be drown?

Written on 15 October 2013.


© Copyright
All rights reserved – portraitofem.wordpress.com


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