What is the right answer?
So perhaps we have gone to the edge,
to go on, or to stop?
Maybe we are not the right ones,
or maybe we are?

“What if we are meant to be together”…
or what if we are not?

I am not that confident.
Everything is just —

What makes up a lie?

Which way to go?
Repeated feeling,
Continuous waiting.
I just wish to go on without reasoning.

I am staring at the past,
You are looking at the future.
Yet what we have in hand is NOW.

Take the risk,
Take the chance.

If still,
Maybe that’s the time to stop.

Life is, perhaps,
Too long for two young hearts.

Written on 15 August 2013.
Edited on 28 October 2013 and 31 October 2013.
After the quarrel.

I am glad that we have made through at that very moment.
I love you.


© Copyright
All rights reserved –


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